Garrett County - In Mountain Maryland

James Michael Raley

Commissioner Raley is a resident of the Finzel area of Garrett County and has spent 31 years involved in public education.  He taught for 14 years at Southern Middle School and spent 14 years as an elected member of the Board of Education.

A longtime force in Garrett County, Raley serves as President of the Eastern Garrett County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department and has served in a variety of offices including chief and treasurer of the department with over 33 years of total service.  He is the immediate past president of the Garrett County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association, a position which he held four years in separate elections.  Raley also serves on the Board of Directors for the Eastern Garrett County Recreation and Parks Association.

Raley has been involved in all aspects of budgeting and employee oversight and has served on many state groups during his career in education.  He is a member of the Maryland State Education Association and is a past elected representative of the Board of Directors.  He was involved in the organization locating its headquarters in Annapolis.  He has provided testimony on many education related matters and champions as an employee advocate. Jim Raley is currently serving on the Governor's Marcellus Shale Advisory Committee.

Jim Raley has lived in Garrett County for 47 years and is married to Susan (Rush) Raley and has two children, Sharee and Ainsley.

Commissioner Raley currently sits on the following Boards:

-    Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI)

-    Garrett County Development Corporation

-    Disaster Planning Committee

-    Dove Center

-    Health Department Board of Health

-    Juvenile Services Youth Centers

-    Local Emergency Planning Committee

-    MACo Legislative Committee Alternate

-    Mountain MD PACE

-    Garrett County Municipalities, Inc.

-    Tri- County Council Ex. Committee

-    Tri-county Council Revolving Loan Fund

-    Western Maryland Consortium