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Historic Efforts

Our county has worked for years to connect our critical infrastructure (schools, hospital, county services, etc.) The county then started working on broader broadband issues, targeting business, organization and residential access.  A feasibility study was completed in 2012.   The study concluded that a public-private partnership using fixed wireless technology (TV White Space (TVWS) and other unlicensed spectrum) is the best solution for the rugged, remote areas of Garrett County.   [[A community mast (wooden pole) with wireless equipment]]  
To learn more about the TVWS technology being used to reach rural areas of the county, visit:
The County's Private Partner, Declaration Networks Group (DNG) and Microsoft have entered into a multi-year agreement to cooperate on delivering broadband services to unserved residents and businesses in specific markets (including Garrett County).  The partnership focuses aligning stakeholders, technology and resources for a sustainable path to address the digital divide.  Learn more
Through three phases of Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) grants matched with county funds, six targeted unserved and underserved areas three regions of the county are served with fixed wireless broadband internet connectivity. 
The county's private partner, Declaration Networks Group (DNG), is actively deploying the network in all three targeted areas as well as expanding beyond the ARC project target areas to other unserved areas.  This includes installing wooden poles (see photo) in strategic locations to transmit wireless signals to homes and businesses.  
The county's engineering and business consultant is CTC Technology and Energy
Where is the project now? 
Currently over 1,000 homes and businesses are receiving service through the fixed wireless project.  
DNG finalized the deployment in all three targeted areas.  Deployment continues across the county. 
NeuBeamTM, DNG's brand name for their product, is the local provider of service for the fixed wireless project.  Some residents and businesses may have already received information from Neubeam about purchasing service.  For further information, click here
Declaration Networks Group (DNG), has secured additional funding through both a grant and loan the USDA Rural Utilities Service to serve additional unserved areas of Garrett County.  
What else is the County doing? 
Garrett County is working with all ISPs to expand their service areas.  In 2020, the County applied for and received three state broadband pilot grants with three different ISPs to expand service.  In 2021, the County applied for and received two more state grants.  
Garrett County applied for an infrastructure grant through the US Economic Development Administration in the summer of 2020 and was awarded in the spring of 2021.  That project will begin later this year and will deploy a middle-mile fiber backbone from Oakland, along Rt. 219 south to Rt. 50 east to the Table Rock Tower, then south to Metikki Coal.  
Garrett County continues to seek and apply for funding to help ISPs expand their service areas to reach new customers.