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Commissioners Update

Last Updated on Sep 24, 2012 at 8:32am | Board of Commissioners

Board of Education

The Board appointed Rodney Reckart to fill the remaining term of Rodney Durst on the GC BOE to represent Election District 3. 

Community Action Committee

  1. Duane Yoder, President addressed the Board on the possible use of the former Kitzmiller Elementary School for Head Start Center and/or Senior Center.  The BOE, who currently holds title to the facility, has agreed to this use; however, Mr. Yoder will not proceed with a long-term use without an agreement from the Board when the property is transferred to the County.  The Board approved this request as presented and requested.
  2. Request for a 3-year 100% real property tax abatement for East Hill which the Board approved this request for abatement.

Department of Planning & Land Development

  1. The Board conducted a Public Hearing to review a proposal submitted by the GC Planning Commission to amend the GC Subdivision Ordinance to include a new category of Minor Subdivision for the purpose of complying with the provisions of the Sustainable Growth and Agricultural Preservation Act of 2012.  The Act allows local governments to amend their ordinances to redefine minor subdivisions to include up to (7) new residential lots applicable solely for the purposes of the Act Public commentary was received and the Board closed the Public Hearing and approved the Amendment. 
  2. Discussion on the continuation of the Board of County Commissioners Marcellus Shale Advisory Committee.   The consensus of the Board was to take this matter under further advisement and reconvene with Committee Members to revisit deadlines, goals, objectives, and prolongation of the Committee.
  3. The Board conducted a Public Hearing to review and take public comment on a proposal to update and re-adopt the Garrett County Building Code Ordinance to assure compliance with the Maryland Building Performance Standards. The purpose of the meeting is to review and take public comment on a proposal to update and re-adopt the County’s Building Code Ordinance to assure compliance with the Maryland Building Performance Standards.
Pursuant to the MDBuilding Performance Standards as set forth in the Code of MDRegulations  this action is necessary to update the County’s current Building Code to reflect the adoption of the International Building Code, International Residential Code  and the International Energy Conservation Code  with local amendments as required.   Local amendments include modifications to administration of the building code, climatic and geographic design criteria, inclusion of other pertinent State codes, fire separation requirements for attached residential garages, deletion of the residential fire sprinkler requirement for one and two-family dwellings, and enhanced safety standards for indoor swimming pools.  All proposed modifications have been previously incorporated into the County’s Building Code Ordinance.
Staff presented an overview of the proposed modifications and public commentary was entered into the public record.  Also, public commentary was presented by members of the public in attendance for the Public Hearing.  The Board will support implementing incentives for home and commercial builders to increase the affordability of construction and encouraged those in attendance to provide suggestions at this time.
The Board closed the Public Hearing and agreed to hold the public commentary record open until the end of business hours on August 31, 2012.

Department of Public Utilities

  1. Presentation on summary of refinancing the GC Sanitary District, Inc. debt obligations.  The Department received very favorable terms and a rate from Susquehanna Bank for 3.5% interest for 20 years fixed term for a total principal amount $35 million with a savings of $1.8 million over the 20 year period. Bond counsel has advised that the Board is required to approve and execute the following Resolutions:  
    1. The Board executed a Resolution of the GC Sanitary District, Inc. authorizing the issuance of 4 bonds in a total aggregate principal amount not to exceed $35,000,000.
    2. The Board executed a Resolution of the Board concurring in the adoption of the Resolution outlined in (a)
    3. Request of the Board to approve the following maintenance agreements between the Board and the following parties: Bruceton Farm Service, Inc.,  The Mayor and Town Council of Accident, Maryland, Ridgidply Rafters, Inc.,  The Mayor and Town Council of Mountain Lake Park, Maryland.

Purchasing Department

  1. Update and request for approval of the County Energy Conservation Plan.  The Board approved the Plan as presented.
  2. Approval of sale of County property on Francis Sanders Drive to Sue Bittinger.  The Board declared the parcel as surplus and will allow the Purchasing Department to proceed with the solicitation of bids for the sale of the property.
  3. The Purchasing Department presented the following recommendations of bid award for Bloomington Elementary School:
    1. Invitation to Bid – Asbestos Abatement.  The Board approved a bid award to R.L. Abatement, Inc. for $28,000.
    2. Invitation to Bid – Demolition and Disposal.  The Board approved a bid award to Carl Belt for $47,800. (Total bid award for both (a) and (b) is $75,800 with an approved budget appropriation of $200,000 with $50,000 to be paid from the Bloomington Volunteer Fire Department)

Roads Department

Discussion on public transportation on highway matters to include
  1. Permitting issues with SHA as it relates to local commercial development.
  2. Impact on GC with the completion of Corridor H in WV and the withdrawal of State of MD funding for the Realignment of Rt. 219 in the Oakland area. 


  1. The Board recognized the GC Employee Relay for Life Team and expressed their appreciation to all who participated and helped on this effort. 
  2. Appropriation of $500 to the Barn Quilt Association for their festival that is scheduled for September 22, 2012.
  3. Chairman Raley made special acknowledgement of the 1st Annual GC Appreciation Day held at the GC Airport on August 11, 2012 and the Board expressed their appreciation to everyone who participated and attended.
  4. The Board discussed scheduling the 2nd Annual GC Appreciation Day for 2013.  The Board suggested that this event be held of the GC Community Athletic and Recreation Complex at Garrett College.  Mr. Pagenhardt will communicate with College President to further discuss this proposal.
  5. The Board appointed the following persons to the Garrett County Commissioner for Women:
    1. Ellen Fritz
    2. Rita Watson
    3. Suzanne Nicolas (reappointment)
    4. Elizabeth Huxford (reappointment)
    5. Ruth Umbel (reappointment)
    6. Judy Carbone (reappointment)
  6. The Board appointed Cynthia Sharon to serve on the GC Heritage Advisory Board to serve as the Board’s representative. 
  7. The Board made the following appointments to the GC Mental Health Advisory Committee:
    1. Reappointment
      1. Heather Raybold
    2. Appointments
      1. Melissa Badillo
      2. Brenda Mellon-Miler
      3. Sandra Giove
      4. Kerrie Margroff
      5. Bob Peters