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County Commissioners Announce Public Meeting Agenda

Last Updated on Nov 1, 2016 at 2:59pm | Board of Commissioners
Monday, November 7, 2016
Agenda Session Times are Approximate
The Board of County Commissioners may close a portion of this public meeting and move into Executive Session to comply with a specific, constitutional, statutory, or judicial requirement that may prevent public disclosure about a particular proceeding or matter
3:00       Administrative Session
1. Board Appointments:  
  • Garrett County Community Action Committee
  • Garrett County Commission for Women
2. Execution of Rural Legacy Grant Agreement
3. 2016-2017 Salary Study Committee
4:00       Call to Order of Public Session, Invocation, and Pledge of Allegiance
4:02       County Administrator – Additions/Deletions to Public Meeting Agenda
4:03       Approval of Public, Administrative, and Executive Meeting Minutes
4:05       Tucker Community Foundation – Briefing on the annual “Run For It” event
4:15        Garrett County Purchasing Department
                                Contract Extension:  Fire Protection Systems Services
*Adjourn Public Meeting to Hold Public Hearing(s)
4:20       PUBLIC HEARING:  Community Development Block Grant Program
  • Update on Disaster Recovery Project – Generators
4:30       PUBLIC HEARING:  Department of Planning & Land Management
  • Garrett County Comprehensive Plan County Tier Map Amendments
 *Close Public Hearings – Open Public Meeting
4:35        Resolution: Adoption of Comprehensive Plan Amendment – Adoption of Tier Maps
4:40       Public Commentary
4:45       Adjournment
Requests to be on the Agenda must be made to Carol Riley-Alexander, Executive Assistant to the Board of     County Commissioners/County Administrator by 1:00 p.m. one week prior to the Public Meeting Day.    
The Board of Garrett County Commissioners next scheduled Public Meeting will be held at the Garrett County Courthouse on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.