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Director of Emergency Management Appointment 

Last Updated on Jan 28, 2013 at 1:24pm | Board of Commissioners

The Annotated Code of the State of Maryland states that the Board of County Commissioners (or other executive branch of government) submits a recommendation to the Office of the Governor for appointment as the director of emergency management for that jurisdiction.   Brad Frantz has been appointed as the Garrett County Director of the Department of Emergency Management for over 35 years.  The County was notified in late December that the Governor’s Office had serious concerns with the emergency management direction of Garrett County during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  This dialog included the intent by the Governor’s Office to rescind the appointment of Brad Frantz and discussions had been conducted between the Board, County Administrator, and the Office of the Governor since that time.   On January 24 the Office of the Governor notified the County Administrator to request that the Board of County Commissioners submit a list of nominees for appointment and consideration as the Director of Emergency Management for Garrett County.  These names are to be forwarded to the Office of Appointments with the Governor having the ultimate decision of appointment.  

The Board of County Commissioners will meet in executive session on January 29 to further discuss this personnel matter and at this time there will be no further information or specifics released.   Mr. Frantz officially retired from County Government on July 1, 2012 and was retained on a contractual basis to serve in this capacity.


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