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DNR to Add Non-Toxic Dye to portions of Deep Creek Lake for Circulation Study

Last Updated on Apr 8, 2014 at 8:38am | Board of Commissioners
DNR to Add Non-toxic Dye to portions of Deep Creek Lake for Circulation Study
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources will be performing a study to monitor water flows in portions of Deep Creek Lake April 26 - May 24. The lake may appear pink in some areas during this time as crews add non-toxic red dye to the southern end, around Turkey Neck and Deep Creek Coves.
Commonly used for water study, Rhodamine Water Trace Dye is harmless to all life at the concentrations to be used for the study and will dissipate over a couple of weeks. No impact or closure for fishing and/or other recreation is warranted.
The study will provide DNR’s Hydrilla Control Strategy Team with dilution rates and currents in certain areas. Bright-colored floats/buoys will be placed in the study area for a one week period during data collection. DNR asks that during the study lake users avoid the buoyed cove areas, including buoys and wind gauges.