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Northern and Southern Emergency Services Clubs visit the Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh

Last Updated on May 2, 2014 at 10:40am | Board of Commissioners
Students from both the Northern and Southern High School Emergency Services Clubs participated in a field trip and tour of Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh last week. The students collected donations to purchase toys, books and games for the patients there and raised nearly $3,000.00, filling the cargo area of the charter bus. During the tour, students saw first-hand how the hospital’s concept of nurturing the patients in a friendly, warm environment was put into practice.
Several of the students in attendance will be pursuing a career in nursing and were particularly impressed with the idea of making a pediatric hospital into something that was viewed as a “destination spot” for patients.
In a statement, Children’s Hospital Foundation Operations Manager Richard Barrows offered the following:
“Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC has been called ‘the Gold Standard of children’s hospitals’.  From the ground, up, it has been designed with children in mind, and all efforts are made to hire staff that is the best in the world.  Every element of design and everyone on the staff here has been drawn together with a singular focus…to give the best experience possible to the children and their families.  Equally important is the compassion exhibited by those in the community who support us through their generosity; helping to make a child’s stay in the hospital less stressful, comforting them, and expediting their recovery.
The group of young people you brought with you today epitomized that concept. We were overwhelmed with their generosity, attentiveness and behavior.”
The clubs from both schools wish to thank everyone in the community who supported their efforts.