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Press Release

Last Updated on Jul 9, 2019 at 4:31pm | Board of Commissioners
Contact Person:  Kevin G. Null
County Administrator
Date:                     July 9, 2019
Garrett County Government Announces the Maryland Environmental Service (MES) will Operate County Water and Wastewater Facilities as of August 5, 2019.
OAKLAND, MD — Garrett County Government announced today that it has entered into an agreement with the Maryland Environmental Service (MES) to operate the County’s water and wastewater treatment plants as of August 5, 2019.
Through this change in operations, Garrett County Government will realize lower costs through more efficiency in staffing and vehicles, and by transferring responsibility for fleet vehicles operations to MES. The overall projected savings in year-one to Garrett County is approximately $100,000.
As a result of the contract, Garrett County will reduce the County’s labor force by thirteen positions in the Utilities-Operations Department. However, Garrett County has worked with MES to ensure that any affected employees will have the opportunity to apply with preferential consideration for similar positions with MES, or to apply for other positions that may be open within the County or throughout MES’ extensive area wide operations.
MES was tasked by Garrett County, over many months, to identify ways to increase efficiency and streamline operations within the County water and wastewater programs. MES submitted a proposal that allows the County to shift the responsibility of providing day-to-day service and operations to MES. 
MES’ unique not-for-profit structure will enable the State-owned environmental organization to operate water and wastewater services in Garrett County with greater cost efficiency while continuing to provide a high level of quality and service to County residents. Garrett County will retain the necessary control and oversight of water and wastewater management functions.
Established in 1970, MES operates over 1,000 environmental projects and services across Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region and employs over 840 teammates. An independent, self-supporting State agency, MES enhances Maryland’s environment through innovative solutions to the region’s most complex environmental challenges. MES is a unique, not-for-profit public corporation that combines public sector commitment to environmental protection with private sector flexibility and responsiveness. MES receives no direct State operations funding and does not have regulatory authority.