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Press Release - County Commissioners and BOE Meet to Discuss Funding 

Last Updated on Nov 29, 2018 at 3:16pm | Board of Commissioners
Sarah Myers
Communications Coordinator
Garrett County Government
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Please click on the link below to veiw a Press Release titled The Board of Garrett County Commissioners Agree to Work with Board of Education on Funding Issues Limited Capital Allocation until RISE Plan is Completed

About Garrett County Government: The County is governed by an elected Board of County Commissioners (the "Board"), whose three members serve four-year terms and must live in the District which they represent.  The Board may exercise only such powers as are conferred by the General Assembly of Maryland.  The County is administered under a line organizational method, with the County Administrator responsible for the general administration of County Government.  The administration of the County is centralized with the County Administrator responsible for overseeing the financial planning, annual budget process, personnel management, and direction and management of operations within the organization.