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Press Release - DCL Watershed Management Plan Steering Committee Meeting Notice

Last Updated on Jan 2, 2014 at 2:21pm | Board of Commissioners
The public is invited to attend the fourth meeting of the Deep Creek Lake Watershed Management Plan Steering Committee to be held on January 6, 2014 at the Garrett County Health Department Conference Room (RM 107), 1025 Memorial Drive, Oakland MD  21550.  Below is the tentative agenda for the meeting.  It is subject to change.
There will be a conferencing option for those who cannot attend but still wish to listen in and/or participate during the public comment period.  Those interested in that option are to contact Deborah Carpenter at 301-334-1920 or [email protected].  Meeting announcements, agendas and pre-meeting educational materials will be posted on the Steering Committee’s website at .
12:00 – 12:05
Welcome, and Approval of December minutes ~ David Myerberg
12:05 – 12:15
A Review of Subcommittee Guidance ~ Catherine Shanks
12:15 – 12:50
Steering Committee Education ~ Jim Torrington, Chief, Permits and Inspections Office, Garrett County Planning and Land Development
… Mr. Torrington will speak on stormwater, grading and erosion & sediment control regulations. He will be available for questions and answers.
12:50 – 2:15
The Subcommittee Reports ~ David Myerberg & various speakers
Each Subcommittee will report on the first meeting. We will work a break in at  ~ 1:45.
2:20 – 2:40
Updates ~ various speakers
The organizing of our documents ~ Pete Versteegen  (SC, remember to send your personal web-search habits and your DCLWMP e-filing categories to Pete)
Discuss and vote on adding members to the Subcommittees ~ David Myerberg
Website news and updates ~ Catherine Shanks
Other updates and future agenda items from the SC members
2:40 – 3:00
Public Comments ~ David Myerberg