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Press Release - GC Government Announces Retirements

Last Updated on Feb 4, 2014 at 11:39am | Board of Commissioners

DATE:                             FEBRUARY 4, 2014
John Nelson retired as Director of the Department of Planning and Land Development on January 31, 2014.   John began his career with the County in 1977 and is highly recognized region wide for his professional knowledge, expertise in all areas under his authority, and planning proficiency.  
Based on Mr. Nelson’s decision to retire, the Department of Community Planning and Development will be created and will include 3 offices – Planning and Land Management, Permits and Inspection Services, and Economic Development.  Michael Koch, currently the Director of the Department of Economic has been appointed as Executive Director of the Department of Community Planning and Development.  Deborah Carpenter will serve as the Assistant Director - Planning and Land Management Office; James Torrington will serve as the Assistant Director – Permits and Inspection Services Office; and Frank Shap will continue as Assistant Director with the Economic Development Office.  These 4 individuals are proven professionals and the Board of County Commissioners and County Administrator have the utmost confidence in their leadership capability.  
Wendy Yoder has announced her intent to retire as Director of the Department of Financial Services February 28, 2014.  Wendy began her tenure with the County is 1983 and she has been a highly respected financial professional who has always demonstrated an extensive knowledge of every aspect relative to her areas of jurisdiction and responsibility.  Scott Weeks, Assistant Director with the Department of Financial Services has been appointed to replace Ms. Yoder.  Mr. Weeks is a multitalented and intelligent financial manager who has been with the County since 1997.  The County is very privileged to be able to transition him into this director position.