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Press Release - Verso Mill Closing

Last Updated on May 1, 2019 at 10:46am | Board of Commissioners

The Board of Garrett County Commissioners is concerned about the immediate impact on the employees of the VERSO Mill, as well as the impact on those who work supplying goods and materials to the plant.  We are very concerned about the economic impact the closure will have on Garrett County in particular, but also on the region as a whole. 
Our staff has reached out to our state and federal officials and agencies for support to the employees and their families.  Garrett County has been in contact with the state Departments of  Labor and Commerce and locally with Allegany County to insure we work together to establish programs to help not only the employees of the Mill but all the people who provide support services in the forestry, trucking, construction and other ancillary industries. 
The Garrett County Department of Economic Development will coordinate Garrett County’s outreach.