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Public Invited to Discuss Deep Creek Lake Watershed Plan

Last Updated on Sep 24, 2013 at 3:07pm | Board of Commissioners

Public Invited to Discuss Deep Creek Lake Watershed Plan


Who: Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Garrett County Commissioners

What: Gather input from area residents to guide the watershed plan

When:  Saturday, October 5, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Where: Garrett College, Old Gymnasium, McHenry

Contact: (DNR) Catherine Shanks at 410-260-8717 or : (Garrett County) Deborah Carpenter at 301-334-1920 or

This past August, DNR and the Garrett County Commissioners appointed a Steering Committee to guide the development of a comprehensive watershed management plan for Deep Creek Lake. The group invites citizens to share their thoughts and ideas on how the area should best be managed at the upcoming public input meeting, or online (after Oct. 5).

At this meeting, participants will join Steering Committee representatives as they explain and discuss the purpose, scope and development process of the watershed plan. The goal of the meeting is to get a better understanding of what area residents want to see addressed, and what is most important to them.

The meeting will be divided into three sessions:

·         The first will cover the focus and need for a watershed plan;

·         During the second session, participants will break into groups to discuss their priorities to be addressed in the plan regarding the health of the land and watershed and identify solutions to address their concerns;

·         Finally, guests will visit stations to express their ideas as individuals and residents of the area.

The Deep Creek Lake Watershed Management Plan will serve as a best practices guide to ensure the lake and its watershed remain healthy and protected. Developed with input from stakeholders, the plan will identify important actions partners will take to enhance the lake and surrounding area. It will consider the recreational and economic benefits to the community, while describing existing water quality and environmental conditions, assessing future conditions, identifying pollution sources, and determining restoration opportunities.

Those who are unable to attend the meeting may submit their comments after October 5 through an online survey form at