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Update and Scheduled Meeting for the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan Steering Committe

Last Updated on May 16, 2014 at 9:31am | Board of Commissioners

Contact Person:                Deborah Carpenter
                                                Designated County Staff Person
                                                Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan Steering Committee
                                                301-334-1920; [email protected]
Date:                                     May 15, 2014
The Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan Steering Committee would like to thank the members of the four subcommittees who invested much time and effort in formulating goals, objectives and strategies for the steering committee to consider.   All subcommittee reports have been submitted to the Steering Committee and are available for public review and comment at the Steering Committee’s website:  Comments can be sent to Deborah Carpenter at [email protected].  These proposals will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan during the steering committee’s workshop to be held May 20th from 1 – 5 and May 21st from 8 – 3 in Room 205 of the Continuing Education building of Garrett College.  Though this is a work session for the Steering Committee, the public is invited to observe. 
The Steering Committee is pleased to announce that the approved shared vision of the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan is as follows:
Through partnerships with private land owners and government agencies, the Deep Creek Watershed will retain and improve its environmental stability, rural landscape, natural beauty and economic viability, so that, for generations to come, local citizens and visitors have a great place to live, work and recreate.
The steering committee plans to have the plan ready for public comment by the end of June.  A public hearing on the plan will be held end of July or early August, with official approval of the final document planned for September.