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Cases of COVID-19 in Garrett County Continue to Increase

Last Updated on Jul 27, 2020 at 11:31pm | Communications Office
By Garrett County Joint Information Center Team
The Garrett County Health Department received positive COVID-19 results for six additional persons, bringing the current county total to 44.
The new positive COVID-19 cases include:
  • A male in his 50s, with symptoms, isolating at home
  • A female in her 20s, no symptoms, isolating at home
Four additional cases were reported at Dennett Road Manor Nursing Home:
  • A female staff member, in her 20s, no symptoms, isolating at home
  • Two female residents, in their 90s, no symptoms, isolating at the facility
  • A male resident, in his 70s, no symptoms, isolating at the facility
Diagnosing COVID-19 requires either a PCR test or an antigen detection test. The PCR test is the type of test used for the majority of people diagnosed with COVID-19. The likelihood of a false positive PCR for COVID-19 test results is exceptionally low. It is much more likely for a PCR test to produce a false negative. For more information about PCR test visit
Any future community COVID-19 testing dates will be announced on the health department’s Facebook page and website, Anyone going to the Garrett Regional Medical Center for a COVID-19 test must have a physician’s orders and must go through the lab.
Please do not go to the emergency room for testing unless you are sick enough to need emergency care.
For more information, call 301 334-7770 or 301 895-3111.