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Commissioners Appoint Cody Brill to Elected Board of Education

Last Updated on Jul 20, 2023 at 12:29pm | Communications Office
Pursuant to the Maryland Education Code, the Board of Garrett County Commissioners “shall appoint a qualified individual to fill any vacancy in an elected member’s position on the [elected Board of Education] for the remainder of the term and until a successor is elected and qualifies”.
Following the resignation of Dr. Matthew Paugh on June 1, 2023, The Board of Garrett County Commissioners have appointed Mr. Cody Brill to serve as a board member of the Garrett County Board of Education.  Mr. Brill will complete the unexpired term of office of Dr. Paugh through November 2026.
“The Board of Garrett County Commissioners is very confident that Mr. Brill will provide the students, faculty, and administration of the Garrett County Public School System with high quality leadership at the Board level,” said Garrett County Commissioner Larry Tichnell. “Mr. Brill’s professional experience, dedication, and involvement with the school system and community was very evident to the Board of County Commissioners and again, our Board believes that this appointment will have many long-term positive results for the Garrett County Public School System.”
Mr. Brill is employed as an Accountant with Garrett County Government and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Degree from Frostburg State University and is finishing his course work for a Master of Arts in Applied Economics from the University of Missouri.
Mr. Brill will attend the Garrett County Board of Education’s next scheduled Public Meeting on August 8, 2023.