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ASCI to coordinate with other agencies on a series of Savage River Recreational Whitewater Releases

Last Updated on Sep 21, 2012 at 2:37pm | Department of Technology & Communications
In coordination with the Upper Potomac River Commission (UPRC), the US Army Corp of
Engineers (Baltimore District), NewPage, G&S Coal, Precision Rafting, the Savage River State
Forest, and Garrett College, the Adventure Sports Center International (ASCI) will again
coordinate efforts for another series of Savage River Recreational Whitewater Releases.  ASCI
has been able to foster a productive working relationship among all involved parties through
the organization of paddler parking, shuttle service, put-in and take-out access, release of
liability for the stake-holders, and river risk management through the removal of dangerous
river debris.

The UPRC has scheduled three recreational whitewater releases from Savage River Reservoir
for the 2012 season.  Those releases, based ultimately on water availability, are for Sundays
June 3 and July 1, and for Saturday, September 29.
The river is scheduled to be ready for activity from 9 AM until 3 PM on each of these three dates.
According to Scott Shoemaker, UPRC Superintendent, “If it were not for the efforts of ASCI to
coordinate all the entities involved with this event, it just wouldn’t happen.”  Mike Logsdon,
ASCI Acting Executive Director indicated, “This is a perfect example of a win-win-win-. . . . . .-win
situation.  Boaters are happy, private vendors, like River Riders from Harpers Ferry, Cheat River
Outfitters from Albright, WV, Wilderness Voyagers from Ohiopyle, PA, and Precision Rafting
from nearby Friendsville are able to offer an extremely rare product to their guests.  In addition,
the Army Corp of Engineers, NewPage, G&S Coal, Savage River State Forest, Garrett College,
and the UPRC, along with ASCI, are able to provide a public service to the taxpayers who
ultimately support their services.”  All direct expenses related to the shuttle service, registration
of private boaters, and the removal of dangerous river debris is paid for from donations
received from the boaters.

Private boaters who are able to to navigate difficult whitewater (American Whitewater Class
III+/IV) are welcome to participate in this infrequent event.  Others who are seeking a once-ina-lifetime experience are encouraged to contact a professional whitewater outfitter, such as
Precision Rafting, Upper Yough Expeditions, or Wilderness Voyagers all located in Friendsville,

For more information, please contact ASCI at 301.387.3250 or any of our local professional
whitewater outfitters.