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Brookfield Renewable Announces Work at the Deep Creek Dam

Last Updated on Aug 10, 2018 at 2:18pm | Economic Development
Brookfield Renewable announced on August 9th, 2018 that they will be undertaking multiple projects at the Deep Creek Dam, which will take place from mid-August and last into early/mid Fall.

The first project will be mobilizing equipment on site beginning next week (8/15), with work expected to begin shortly thereafter. This is an intake bridge concrete mitigation project that will consist of concrete work on the intake structure at the Deep Creek Dam. This maintenance work is necessary to maintain the long term structural integrity of the intake structure, which is utilized to discharge water from the lake, ultimately controlling water levels. It is located roughly 250 yards upstream from the dam.

The second project that will be taking place will commence on, or soon after, August 27th, and will run approximately 10 weeks. The project will consist of clearing and grubbing along with installation of an enhanced filter blanket and toe drainage system, and is instrumental for the long term safe performance of the dam.

Brookfield Renewable wanted to make the public aware of the following activities:
  • Increased vehicle & truck activity in and out of Mayhew Inn Rd. Trucks may be hauling gravel and materials to and from the site; 
  • Contractors will be on site during weekdays until completion of projects;
  • Barge work will be required, so you will see boats near the intake structure in areas off limits to public access;
  • More noise than usual will be prevalent at the site due to the nature of the work taking place; however, measures are in place to minimize the impact.
Brookfield Renewable is asking that the public respect all signage and barriers in place during the length of this project, to include staying back from boat mooring balls/buoys that are in place near the intake structure to warn the public not to proceed any further.

Anyone with questions or concerns are encouraged to reach out to Brian Noonan at (617) 838-2658 or to e-mail Inquiries to