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Deep Creek Lake POA and Friends of Deep Creek Lake Win NALMS Awards

Last Updated on Oct 17, 2018 at 4:06pm | Economic Development
Last August the President and a Vice President of the Deep Creek Lake Property Owners’ Association (POA) collaborated on an article for the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) discussing the effectiveness of public/private partnerships for both the POA and the Deep Creek Watershed Foundation (DCWF). The POA was awarded the 2018 Lake Management Success Stories Award. This award "recognizes an individual or team with notable accomplishment of lake and reservoir management efforts that demonstrate improvements in lake/reservoir condition or watershed management in a cost-effective manner."  Needless to say, the POA is very appreciative of this honor and recognition.  

Paul Edwards, Chairman of the Board of Garrett County Commissioners, commented on the award saying:  "This is well deserved recognition for a wonderful organization that provides resources, financial and otherwise, to entities responsible for caring for Deep Creek Lake. The Property Owners Association is a great conduit of information to the property owners around the lake, as well as other interested stake holders, through their newsletters that detail decisions and programs that the County and State make for the lake. The Watershed Foundation is a fantastic partner that works with both the County, State and private enterprises and the lake to bring private money to the table to help support programs for the Deep Creek Watershed that otherwise might not happen due to lack of funds. It's a great example of how public/private partnerships are designed to work."

The POA is proud to have been recognized for its efforts, and look forward to continuing to facilitate communications and programs that help protect and preserve the lake for its members and the entire watershed community.    

Also noteworthy, the Friends of Deep Creek Lake received an award from NALMS: The Leadership and Service Award, Volunteer.  Congratulations for this recognition!

Awards will be presented at the Annual NALMS Conference in November.