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Deep Creek Watershed Committee Hears Reports

Last Updated on May 22, 2014 at 9:54am | Economic Development
All the subcommittees of the Deep Creek Watershed Management Plan Steering Committee have submitted their reports, which will be considered for inclusion into the Deep Creek Lake Management Plan. 

The Impacts of Growth Subcommittee looked at land use, stormwater, septics and sewage, and recreation. According to its report, the subcommittee brought in experts to better understand the issues at hand, according to the report.
The Accountability and Public Participation Subcommittee looked at defining governance structures and identified five categories of options for consideration. It also considered broad approaches addressing education and outreach needs within the watershed for residents, visitors, and local and state policy makers.
The Lake Levels Subcommittee looked at variations in lake levels that affect shoreline stability and recreational access and a change in the current structure of lake releases impacting the economy of downstream users.

The Water Quality Subcommittee looked at defining goals, objectives and strategies to address three key issue areas: Lake and stream water quality, submerged aquatic vegetation and erosion and sediment control. 

The approved shared vision of the plan is to retain and improve the lake's environmental stability, rural landscape, natural beauty, and economic viability through partnerships with private landowners and government agencies to ensure that, for generations to come, local citizens and visitors have a great place to live, work, and recreate.
The steering committee intends to have the plan ready for public comment by the end of June. A public hearing will be held at the end of July or early August with official approval of the final document planned for September.

Anyone wishing to make comments can send them to Deborah Carpenter at [email protected]. The reports can be viewed at /ccs/dcl_wmp.asp.