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DNR Provides Update of Hydrilla Control Efforts at Deep Creek Lake

Last Updated on Sep 26, 2014 at 3:15pm | Economic Development
According to a recent report issued by Bruce Michael, Resource Assessment Director, Aquatic Resources, 
Maryland Department of Natural Resource, the current status of the Hydrilla control efforts at Deep 
Creek Lake is as follows:

"On Monday, September 22, the DNR contractor surveyed the Sonar treatments of Hydrilla patches 
conducted over the summer. Treatments were deemed very successful. With only 4 new areas 
identified with Hydrilla in 2014, we anticipate a similar control strategy in 2015 with similar costs. We 
will retreat the areas treated in 2014 plus the 2 new sites identified in August and the 2 sites identified 
in September to help ensure that the Hydrilla tubers are not viable.

"DNR staff will treat the newly identified small patches of Hydrilla on Monday, September 29 with 
herbicides. The 4-5 patches that are in close proximity with each other near Thousands Acres Road will 
be treated as a block of about 2-3 acres. The remaining treatment will be approximately 1/10 acre total 
near Sorbus Lane.

"The first map indicates the location of 2 new areas where Hydrilla was identified by DNR staff during 
the comprehensive Deep Creek Lake survey conducted the week of September 15, 2014. The new 
locations are near Sorbus Lane, and 4-5 small patches of Hydrilla near Thousand Acres Road. The second map indicates the locations of all Hydrilla identified by DNR in 2013 and 2014."