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Report Supports Reinvestment, Gives Kudos to Local Programs

Last Updated on Oct 13, 2014 at 9:10am | Economic Development
A report highlighting good ideas and practices to help Maryland communities create more livable downtown areas, strengther the local economy and re-use exiting infrastructure chose several local examples the authors of the report said would be good examples for other jurisdictions to follow.
The report was prepared by the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission and released last week. Highlighted in the report as best practices were the cooperation in Garrett County between municipalities and the county in working on town revitalization and economic development practices. Allegany County and the cities of Frostburg and Cumberland also got kudos for working together on the the Trail Town program. In addition, downtown Cumberland and South Cumberland were profiled in the report along with other communities in a section that looked at how communities were using existing infrastructure and coping with the challenges they face. Read more>>