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Scam Alert: Deputies Warn Against Recent Money Scam

Last Updated on Aug 29, 2014 at 12:37pm | Economic Development
The Garrett County Sheriff's Office said they've recently learned of a new money scam that has been going on in the local area. 

Deputies said victims are being contacted by people claiming to be government employees are offering them large amounts of cash. 

The scam is in return, the victim must transfer money onto Green Dot money cards and then tell the caller the card number on the back of the money card. Once the caller has the account information, they hang up the phone and the victim is out whatever sum of money they transferred to the card. 

The Garrett County Sheriff's Office urges residents if contacted by scammers or suspect the call to be a scam, to hang up the phone immediately and do not offer any personal information; address, social security number, credit card numbers etc.., to the caller.