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Garrett County Government
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Garrett County Emergency Services is responsible for developing and maintaining several emergency response plans for Garrett County including:
Garrett County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)- This plan details how the county will function in a major disaster, whether man-made, such as industrial or transportation accidents, acts of terrorism or war; or natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, or winter storms. This plan describes the overall response of the county and delineates specific responsibilities of individual agencies to ensure a coordinated response.
Hazard Mitigation Plan - The purpose of this plan is to prevent or reduce the loss of life and injury and to limit future damage costs by developing methods to mitigate or eliminate damage from various hazards. These hazards include winter storms, river flooding, storm surge, hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, epidemics, hazardous materials, wildfire and transportation accidents, Garrett County's Hazard Mitigation was completely revised and approved at the State and Federal level in January 2005.
Hazardous Materials Response Plan - The purpose of this plan is to specifically assign roles and responsibilities of all agencies and departments involved in a hazardous materials accident from a fixed facility or as a result of a transportation accident. By Federal law, Garrett County must maintain a Local Emergency Planning Committee, which is responsible for development and oversight of the plan. This committee is made up of individuals representing response agencies, business and private citizen leaders, etc. Garrett County's Hazard Materials Plan is currently being completely revised.