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Woodstove Safety Tips

Woodstoves are a popular alternative heating source for many manufactured homeowners, especially those who own older model homes. Make sure to take proper precautions to ensure that you enjoy the added comfort while minimizing the risk to your family and home.
  • Open the dampers before starting a fire in a wood stove
  • Vent your stove properly and insulate vent from flammable materials
  • Use paper and kindling wood to ignite a fire. Avoid using lighter fluid, kerosene, or gasoline
  • Keep dry wood away from the stove
  • Remember that slow burning fires can create creosote and soot problems Small hot fires are more efficient

Scheduled Maintenance:

  • Weekly: We recommend cleaning the ashes from your stove every week during the heating season. Dispose of ashes in a metal container with a lid and store away from your home and combustibles.
  • Monthly: Inspect your pipes and connections monthly for creosote and soot build-up.

Warning signs of chimney problems:

  • Build up of creosote (dripping from the base of the chimney or staining of the outer chimney shell)
  • Sluggish draft (smoke spilling out when the woodstove door is opened)
  • Corrosion of the outer shell of a factory built chimney
  • Deterioration of the brickwork of a masonry chimney
Information Courtesy of AMIG