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Mountain Maryland Energy Advisory Committee

The Mountain Maryland Energy Advisory Committee (MMEAC) was created in November, 2013 to advise the Garrett County Commissioners on local and state policy, regulation, programs, and legislation issues to help guide energy planning with the goal of maximizing likely positive effects and minimizing potentially negative consequences.  Creation of the MMEAC and management of committee activities was supported by a consultant, Downstream Strategies, LLC.
MMEAC Final Report
A summary of the Final Report is available for download here as an Adobe .pdf file.  This is a truncated version of the final report to save file size. 
The full final report is available for download here as a 5+ MB Adobe .pdf file.
MMEAC meetings
Meetings were held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. The meeting location was the Garrett Information Eneterprise Center (GIEC), on the campus of Garrett College, located at 685 Mosser Rd (rm 103), McHenry, MD

Meeting agendas and minutes:

December 11, 2013   AGENDA | MEETING MINUTES
January 15, 2014       AGENDA | MEETING MINUTES
February 19, 2014     AGENDA | MEETING MINUTES
March 19, 2014         AGENDA | MEETING MINUTES
April 16, 2014            AGENDA | MEETING MINUTES
May 21, 2014            AGENDA | MEETING MINUTES
June 18, 2014           AGENDAMEETING MINUTES
July 16, 2014             AGENDA | MEETING MINUTES
August 20, 2014        AGENDA | MEETING MINUTES
September 17, 2014   AGENDA | MEETING MINUTES
October, 2014                    MEETING NOT HELD
November 19, 2014   AGENDA | MEETING MINUTES
December, 2014                 MEETING NOT HELD
January 21, 2015        AGENDA | MEETING MINUTES
February 18, 2015      AGENDA | MEETING MINUTES
    Additional Resource: Biomass Bootcamp 2/23/15 Presentations
March 18, 2015          AGENDA | MEETING MINUTES
April 15, 2015            AGENDA | MEETING NOTES
May 20, 2015            AGENDA | MEETING NOTES

Members of the committee included:

**Mike Koch, Director - Garrett County Economic Development (former)
Tim Carney, Senior Project Manager - Allegany County Economic Development
David Dorsey, Acting Planning Coordinator - Allegany County Planning Services
Jim Torrington, Chief - Garrett County Permitting Office
Rodney Glotfelty, Health Officer - Garrett County Health Department
Dr. Stephen Hartlaub, Professor of Environmental Policy - Frostburg State University
Paul Durham - Citizen of Garrett County
Dr. J. Edward Gates, Professor - UMD Appalachian Lab
Jo Gilman, Administrator - Garrett College
Mike Dreisbach, President - Garrett Trails and Owner - Savage River Lodge
Eric Guthrie, Division Manager - Pillar Innovations (Chamber of Commerce Representative)
Bob Sutton - Deep Creek Property Owners Association and President of Sky Valley POA
**Committee Chair
Committee Member Description (pdf download)                                 Committee Charge (pdf download)

To submit comments to the committee, email [email protected] or call 301-334-6968.