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Plans Review and Permitting Information

Fire Plan Review & Permitting
The Garrett County Fire Marshal’s Office conducts plan reviews of fire protection systems and jointly reviews life safety and construction plans with the Garrett County Department of Permits. Each plan submittal is important to us and we realize the need to provide timely feedback to you regarding your project.
Please be sure to plan appropriately and ensure adequate time for the review and comment period. We do not provide an expedited plan service and all plans will be reviewed in the order received. The payment and issuance of all permits will occur through the Garrett County Department of Permits. The following information is intended to outline the plan submittal process and ensure necessary documents are submitted.
Please click this link for the application.
Plan Submittal
Plan submittals must include the current application and all supplemental information identified on the application in order to initiate a review and ensure a smooth and timely review process. Incomplete submittals will be placed on “hold” until all necessary information has been delivered. Sub-trade plans that are associated with a master building project cannot be accepted until the master building permit has been approved. Plans may be dropped off at Courthouse Administration Building, Permits and Inspection Division, 203 S. Fourth St. Room 208, Oakland, MD 21550 or emailed to:
Plan Reviewer
Upon receipt of a completed plan submittal package, plans will be assigned by the Fire Marshal Division to a reviewer.
Plan Review Goals
Plans will be reviewed during the intake process and assigned to one of four levels (identified on the next page) based on the type and size of the project. Each level includes a projected review time for initial and subsequent submittals.
Fire Permit Fees
Permit fees will be established by the Garrett County Fire Marshal’s Office and applied to Fire Permits. Fire Permits will be required for construction or operational permits as outlined by the Maryland State Fire Prevention Code and/or required by the Fire Marshal’s Office. The total value will be comprised of an application fee, plan review fee, inspection fee.
The plan review fee covers the cost of the initial and one additional review of resubmitted documents (2 reviews). Plans requiring additional reviews will be assessed the same review fee again, granting up to 2
additional reviews. Re-inspection fees will be assessed for each failed inspection based on the rates.
Fees are being finalized and will be posted soon.
Work Without a Permit
Permit fees will be doubled for work commencing without a permit. Payment of the fee shall neither relieve any person from complying with code requirements or other penalties for commencing work without approval
Contact Info
Chris Cieslarczyk, Garrett County Fire Marshal
Address: PO Box 444; 32 Outfitter Way; McHenry, MD 21541
Phone: 301-334-5400