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* The next meeting will be Thursday, September 14, 2023 in the Garrett County Commissioners Public Meeting Room 209 located at 203 South Fourth Street in Oakland, Maryland.       

UPDATE:  Meetings may be canceled or conducted by teleconference if no applications are to be heard.  For conference call details, please email

Certain sessions of the meeting may be conducted in Executive Session
The Board of License Commissioners may close a portion of this public meeting and move into Executive Session to comply with a specific constitutional, statutory, or judicial requirement that may prevent public disclosure about a particular proceeding or matter.

Agenda session times except public hearings are approximate

I.     10:00          A.   Call to Order
                          B.   Review and acceptance of the meeting Minutes
                          C.   Administrative items
                          D.   General discussion 
II.    10:20         License Hearing - GLAF Inc.
III.   10:40         Next meeting date - Tuesday,  October 10, 2023
IV.                      Adjournment of meeting
*To comment on Agenda items – please send to