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Maryland Annotated Code

The Annotated Code of Maryland is the official codification of the statutory laws of Maryland. It is organized, by subject matter, in two sets of volumes. The black volumes contain the articles that are cited by number, and the red volumes contain the articles that are cited by name.  
Michie's Annotated Code of Maryland is the most current public record of all statutes still in force in the State of Maryland.  The "Annotated" in the title refers to a variety of relevant information which may be appended to the text of a specific law.  This information may include references to earlier editions of the Code, appellate court decisions where the point of law was quoted or cited, a discussion of the way the law was applied in a specific case, or a reference to a legal periodical article on the subject. 

Click on the link below to view the Maryland Annotated code.  After reviewing the Terms & Conditions, press the "I agree" button.  Then select "Alcoholic Beverages" 

Provisions specific to Garrett County can be found under: