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Deep Creek Lake Hydrilla herbicide treatment happening TODAY June 25

Last Updated on Jun 25, 2019 at 8:44am | Watershed Management
The scheduled herbicide treatment at Deep Creek Lake will be performed today, June 25. For full details regarding these efforts, please visit the Maryland Department of Natural Resources website.
A map showing the affected areas (shown as red polygons) is seen below.   
Affected areas include but are not limited to the following locations: Arrowhead Cove, Back Bay Cove, Green Glade Cove and Green Glade Club Cove, Hickory Ridge Cove, the shoreline adjacent to and across from the Turkey Neck Yacht Club, a small area at the entrance to Pawn Run and Penn Cove, as well as at the entrance to Blakeslee Cove, and another small area just outside of Poland Run Cove to the east.
Please email with any questions concerning the hydrilla control program.