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Celebrating 150 Years in Garrett County, Maryland: 1872-2022

Garrett County Commissioners Collaborate Amid Continuing COVID-19 Response

Last Updated on Jan 4, 2022 at 4:48pm | Communications Office
Garrett Regional Medical Center, Garrett County Emergency Services, the Garrett County Health Department, and other local health care organizations continue to work with each other to organize response efforts amid the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

The Garrett County COVID positivity rate is 8.7% (of those tested receiving a positive result) as of December 28th. In addition, only 53.6% of the population over age 12 is fully vaccinated, according to statistics compiled by the Garrett County Health Department.

While vaccines do not completely prevent COVID, they do lessen the severity of the illness in breakthrough cases and greatly reduce the need for hospitalization.

“Most of us will agree that we’re tired of talking about COVID but local organizations have been working tirelessly to assemble the most local, state, and federal resources possible to combat this concern,” said Paul Edwards, Chair, Board of Garrett County Commissioners. “As a result of these efforts, COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are readily available in Garrett County."

The Garrett County Commissioners and the Garrett County Health Officer have been and continue to advocate personal responsibility during this unique public health emergency.

“I’d like to remind you to follow the recommendations of the CDC and the Garrett County Health Department said Edwards. “The Health Department and Garrett Regional Medical Center continue to do a fantastic job in meeting our community needs and the residents of Garrett County prove to me time and time again how great we are at working together.”

For community members with medical questions regarding COVID-19, please utilize the Garrett County Health Department website or the telephone hotline at 301-334-7698.