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Water & Sewer Plan Amendment Hearing on March 6, 2023

Last Updated on Feb 15, 2023 at 1:54pm | Department of Planning & Land Management
Garrett County is in the process of amending the 2014 Water and Sewer Plan, as required by COMAR 26.03.01. This plan includes future utility projects for the next ten years as well as projected populations, land use, and consumption demands. For future projects to be considered for government funding, they must be included in this plan.
The summary of the amendment and draft plan is posted online at: this link for public comment. Hard copies can also be requested by contacting Siera Wigfield, 301-334-7477.
A public hearing for the Plan will be held on Monday, March 6, 2023 at 4:00 P.M. during the regular Public Business Meeting of the Commissioners at 203 South Fourth Street, Room 209 - Frederick A. Thayer, III Courthouse - Oakland, Maryland 21550.
Written comments will be accepted until noon on March 9, 2023. You may direct your written comments to: Water and Sewer Plan Comments, Attn: Siera Wigfield, Senior Planner 203 South Fourth Street, Oakland, Maryland 21550.or, please include Water& Sewer Plan Comment in your subject Line.
Amendment 3 Summary: Amendment 3 Document 
This Amendment is to incorporate map  and text updates to showing changes to the following:
  • Deep Creek Lake Water Service Area - combine the McHenry and Thayerville Systems into Deep Creek System
  • Text and Map amendment to extend Rosedale Sewer Service Area 
  • Paradise Heights Water Expansion map update
  • Glendale Road Sewer Service Expansion map update
  • Pysell Road Sewer Service Expansion map update
  • Mountainside Sewer Service Expansion map update
  • Maple Street Friendsville Sewer Service map update
  • Madison Street Water Service Map map update
  • Text and Map Amendments for Oakland- Trout Run WWTP Project 
  • Text and Map Amendments to incorporate Gratsville Water System Upgrades