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Electrical Permits

An electrical permit shall be required for installation, renewal or extension of electrical wiring or conductors used for the transmission of electric current from electric light, heat or power purpose in all new construction and in the reconstruction, alteration or repair of existing buildings and structures. A permit shall also be required for outdoor electrical displays and signs.

The following are exempt from electrical permit requirements:

  1. Minor repair work of existing electrical services,
  2. The connection of portable electrical appliances to suitable permanently installed appliances,
  3. Equipment installed or work performed for a public utility,
  4. Equipment installed or work performed by a railway utility in the exercise of its function as a utility and located in or on its right-of-way,
  5. Equipment used in connection with commercial radio and television transmission,
  6. Repair, manufacturing and maintenance work on premises occupied by a firm or corporation, and installation work on existing buildings occupied by firm or corporation and performed by a qualified employee of the firm or corporation, and
  7. Electrical installations exempted by the National Electrical Code.


Maryland Electrical Code

The electrical code in the State of Maryland is the 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC) (Ref: COMAR 05.02.07; Public Safety Article Title 12, Subtitle 6, Annotated Code of Maryland).

Electrical Permit Applications

Electric Permit Applications shall include the type of electrical work to be completed, the inspections required, the electrical power company providing the service, and the master electrician's name and license number.  Electrical permit applications must be signed by the responsible master electrician. A homeowner may sign his/her permit application, but must affirm that he/she shall:
  1. Be responsible for the electrical installation applied for in their own residence or accessory buildings,
  2. Be responsible for all required electrical inspections and approvals, and
  3. Acknowledge that he/she is prohibited from hiring an unlicensed contractor or person to complete the electrical installation being applied for with penalty of forfeit of said permit.

Electrical Permit Fee and Process

All applicants for electrical permits shall pay a $10.00 fee to the Permits & Inspection Services Office in accordance with the fee schedule adopted by Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners. Upon approval of an application, the Permits & Inspection Services Office shall provide two copies of the approved permit. One copy shall be provided to the electrical inspector for his use in reporting electrical inspections to the Permits and Inspection Services Office. The second copy shall be retained by the applicant for their records.



All electrical installations requiring a permit through the Permits and Inspection Services Office shall require proper inspections to assure compliance with the provisions of the electrical code. No electrical wiring or installation shall be concealed unless inspected and approved by a certified electrical inspector. All applicable fees covering the cost of inspections shall be paid directly to the Electrical Inspector. Each applicant for an electrical permit shall cause the premises covered by the application to be open for inspection to the Inspector at all reasonable times. Inspections or re-inspections shall be made within a reasonable amount of time after proper notice of the completion of the electrical work to be inspected for approval. A duplicate record of each written approval made by the Inspector shall be filed with the Permits and Inspection Services Office on the electrical permit provided to the applicant. Should the Permits and Inspection Services Office be notified by the Inspector that any electrical work being performed under an approved permit is not being installed in conformity with the electrical code, the Code Official shall have the authority to stop all electrical work and order the removal or correction of said work.


Please call 301-334-7470 for more information relative to complete electrical permitting requirements.