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Floodplain Zones

Identification of Floodplain Zones

The regulatory floodplain shall be those areas of the County delineated as Special Flood Hazard Areas and base flood elevations within the Flood Insurance Study (FIS) for Garrett County, Maryland and incorporated areas dated October 2, 2013, as may be revised and the accompanying Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and all subsequent amendments and revisions to the FIRMs. The FIS and FIRMs are retained on file and available to the public at the Office of Permits & Inspection Services located at 2008 Maryland Highway, Suite 3, Mt. Lake Park, MD 21550.

Floodplain Zones

A community may have these nontidal floodplain zones:
  1. Floodplain: that part of the floodplain outside of the floodway.
  2. Floodway: that area of the floodplain reserved to discharge the waters of the 100-year flood.
Nontidal flood plains may have detailed engineering study data, profiles, and water surface elevations, or may have approximate delineations only.


Floodplain Boundaries

Floodplain Zone Determination

The local permitting official will determine the floodplain zone in which the development activity is proposed using the FIRMs and FIS if applicable. Without prior approval from FEMA, the community shall use no other data to enforce floodplain management regulations. Where map boundaries and elevations disagree, elevations prevail, with approval from FEMA through the issuance of a letter of map change or amendment.

Approximate Floodplain Determination

For development proposed in the approximate floodplain (no water surface elevations or floodway data provided), the applicant must use the best available information to determine the elevation of the 100-year flood and the extent of the floodway, and must delineate these on the site plan submitted for approval. For new subdivisions, the applicant must have the 100-year flood elevations certified by a registered professional engineer based on hydrologic and hydraulic analyses which include a floodway analysis.


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