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Garrett County Government
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Development & Construction Process

This website is intended to provide direction in the development process in Garrett County. Whether building a new house, adding an addition or deck, renovating an existing building including finishing a basement, opening a new business or expanding an existing one, a permit or series of permits and/or approvals may be required. Proper planning at the beginning of a project will go a long way in navigating through the process and help you achieve your goal.

Based on the type of development you propose, one of the first steps is to evaluate what agencies may be involved in your project. This will depend largely on the location of your property and the scope of your project. It is recommended that you call the Permits and Inspections Office to review your project and provide an understanding of the regulatory process to secure a permit. At the end of this summary there is a listing of agency information.
Once all relevant agencies have been determined for the project, the next step is to develop a site plan of the property that depicts where you wish to place an improvement (i.e. new structure, driveway, etc.) on the property. If the land has been recently subdivided (new plat) or there is a survey available, a copy of the plat is very useful in developing a site plan. If the property is located in a zoned area of the County or a municipality, a surveyed site plan (by surveyor) may be required (see agencies).

For projects that require a large amount of earthwork and for all commercial projects an engineered plan must be developed that provides proper sediment and erosion control during construction and  addresses stormwater management. Additionally, for projects along any state highway or for commercial projects with access from County roads an engineered access plan shall be required. 
Along with the site plan, a building plan needs to be developed that clearly indicates what is to be built. For most small projects (i.e. garages, outbuildings, decks, etc.) a hand drawn set of plans will be sufficient. For larger projects, floor plans and elevation plans will be required. If the project proposes any new construction activity beyond single family or duplex development, building plans are required to be prepared by a licensed architect and/or engineer and properly sealed. Two sets of building plans are required to be submitted to the Permits and Inspections Office. Keep in mind that swimming pools require a building permit.
Upon completion of site and building plans, a permit application can be initiated by the owner, authorized agent of the owner or contractor. The permit application is made at the Permits and Inspections Office. Garrett County currently administers the 2012 International Building Code, 2012 International Residential Code and the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code. Additionally, all codes adopted by the Maryland Codes Administration through the Maryland Building Performance Standards are in force in the County. They can be researched at the following website:

1. MD State Fire Marshal’s Office
Office Location:
67 Friendsville Road
McHenry, Maryland 21541
Telephone:  301-387-0482
Fax:  301-387-0438

Plans Review:
     Maryland State Police
     Western Operations Center
     18345 Colonel Henry K. Douglas Drive
     Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

Telephone:  301-766-3888  or  877-890-0199

Fax:  301-766-3889
If you are planning on constructing any building other than a single or double family dwelling you will need to review your plans with the Fire Marshal’s Office.  This would include any addition to any existing building or conversion of an existing building to another use.
2. Garrett County Health Dept. – Environmental Health Services
Office Location:
1025 Memorial Drive Rm 102
Oakland, Maryland 21550
Telephone:  301-334-7760
Fax:  301-334-7701
Before constructing any building (including mobile homes) for human occupancy or use, a permit is required for a sewage disposal system and water supply system; review and sign-off of construction permits are required if public water and/or public sewerage is available.  This office must review any addition or alteration to an existing building or septic system.  Before subdividing land or offering lots for sale, it is necessary to have the lots evaluated for sewage disposal and have a plat prepared.  A permit is required for a public swimming pool, food service facility, bathing beach, camp ground, or mobile home park and plans must be submitted for approval before construction begins.  Proposed businesses which may be a source of air or water pollution must comply with all MDE requirements, i.e. an air quality permit to construct for fuel burning equipment, paint spray booths, chemical processing, etc.  Also, any commercial or residential open burning activity requires an air quality control permit.
3. Garrett County Department of Public Utilities
Office Location:
2008 Maryland Highway, Ste. 2
Mt. Lake Park, Maryland 21550

Telephone:  301-334-6983

Fax:  301-334-6984
The Garrett County Department of Public Utilities (DPU) owns and operates the following water and sewer systems:  Bloomington water & sewer, Carmel Cove water, Chestnut Ridge sewer, Crellin water & sewer, Deep Creek Lake sewer, Deer Park water & sewer, Friendsville water & sewer, Gorman water & sewer, Hutton sewer, Jennings sewer, Keysers Ridge water, Kitzmiller water & sewer, McHenry water, Mt. Lake Park – Loch Lynn Heights water, Shady Acres sewer, Shallmar water.
If your proposed construction requires water and/or sewer service and is located within one of the above service areas, prior approval must be obtained from DPU.  All applicable fees must be paid prior to construction permit approval.  The municipalities of Accident, Grantsville and Oakland must be contacted directly for water and sewer service within those towns. Mtn. Lake Park and Loch Lynn must be contacted directly only for sewer services.
4.  Garrett County Department of Planning and Land Development – Division of Permits & Inspections
Office Location:
2008 Maryland Highway, Ste. 3
Mt. Lake Park, Maryland 21550

Telephone:  301-334-7470

Fax:   301-334-7469

The following services are offered under this division:
  • Building - If you plan to erect, construct, reconstruct, alter, demolish or move a structure (including signs) or change the use of a building, a building permit is required countywide from the Office of Permits & Inspections.  Plans may be required to be submitted detailing construction techniques and materials.  Inspections are required at six (6) construction intervals including footing, foundation, framing, close-in, insulation and final approval for occupancy. Electrical inspections are required through private industry.
  • Electrical – Effective January 1, 2010 a permit is required countywide for all electrical work with some exceptions. Inspections are required through approved private electrical inspection agencies
  • Plumbing – A permit is required countywide for all plumbing work except replacement of fixtures and appliances in the same location and repairs of leaks and stoppages except for replacement of drain traps.  Subsequent inspection is required through Middle Dept. Inspection Agency  (Phone:  301-334-2376 / Cell: 410-202-9822) for all plumbing work requiring a permit.
  • Stormwater Management – Prior to the start of any grading, clearing, filling or other earth change including timber harvesting which may: (1) introduce sediment into any natural or artificial drainage way or (2) move more than 100 cubic yards of earth, or (3) disturb more than 5,000 sq. ft. of surface area, a Garrett County grading permit must first be obtained.  The permit application should include the stormwater management plan along with an erosion & sediment control plan, depending on the project. The soil erosion and sediment control plan must be approved by the Garrett Soil Conservation District, and the Garrett County Office of Stormwater Management must approve the stormwater management plan.
  • Floodplain – A permit is required for any construction activity, grading and/or filling within the federally delineated 100-year Floodplain of all streams in Garrett County.  Maps showing theses floodplain areas are available for review at the Permits and Inspections Office.
 5. Garrett County Department of Planning & Land Development – Division of Planning, Zoning, & Licensing
Office Location:
203 S. Fourth Street, Rm 210
Oakland, Maryland 21550

Telephone:   301-334-1920
Fax:   301-334-5023
The following services are offered under this division:
  • Zoning –  A zoning permit is required for development within the Deep Creek Watershed & incorporated towns of Accident, Friendsville, Grantsville, Loch Lynn Heights, Mt. Lake Park & Oakland. Please call to determine whether a zoning permit application is needed from the local town hall.
  • Addresses – The Planning Office is responsible for assigning new addresses countywide as well as within the Town of Deer Park and the Town of Kitzmiller.
  • Subdivision – All newly created lots and all new lot line adjustments must be reviewed and approved by the Planning Office for conformance to the Garrett County Subdivision Ordinance.
  • Licensing and Enforcement - The Office of Licensing and Enforcement Management is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of various codes, ordinances and licensing regulations adopted by the Board of Garrett County Commissioners, including the Transient Vacation Rental Ordinance, Junkyard Ordinance, Livability Code, Mobile Home, Park Tax, Special Event Licensing and other property maintenance codes. 
6a. Garrett County Roads Department
Central Office Location:
12778 Garrett Highway
P.O. Box 476
Oakland, Maryland 21550

Telephone:   301-334-3988
Fax:   301-334-4244
6b.  MD State Highway Administration
Office Location:
Rt. 40 at Keyser’s Ridge
3876 National Pike
Accident, Maryland 21520

Telephone:   301-746-8141

Fax:   301-746-8677
Commercial Access Permits:
          Phone: 1-800-876-4742 
          Fax: 301-729-6968

If you plan on constructing a new commercial or residential driveway access onto a town or state highway, you will need an access permit from the respective Town or State Highway Department.  County Entrance Permit Applications are secured through the Permits and Inspections Office (See #4).  A permit also applies if you propose a change in use on the property.
7.  MD Dept. of Environment
Office Location:
160 South Water Street
Frostburg, Maryland 21532

Telephone:   301-689-8150
Fax:   301-689-6543
A permit (Non-tidal Wetlands and Waterway Construction Permit) is required from the Water Management Administration prior to:
  1. Changing, in any manner, the course, current or cross-section of any stream or body of water within the State, including changes to all 100 year flood plains (mapped as well as unmapped);
  2. Undertaking regulated activities in a non-tidal wetland or within 25 to 100 feet of these areas.  Property owners who want to be certain whether an activity is regulated or whether non-tidal wetlands exist on their property should consult the Department or a professional wetlands delineator.
The Garrett County Permits and Inspections Office have guidance maps showing many of the larger wetlands in Garrett County.


Town of Accident                                                                        Town of Kitzmiller
P.O. Box 190                                                                              Box 607
Accident, Maryland 21520                                                          Kitzmiller, Maryland 21538
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301-746-7376 Fax                                                                      301-453-3199  Fax [email protected]                                                     [email protected]
Town of Deer Park                                                                      Town of Loch Lynn
100 Church Street                                                                       211 Bonnie Blvd.
Deer Park, Maryland 21550                                                        Loch Lynn Heights, Maryland 21550
301-334-4531                                                                             301-334-8339
                                                                                                    [email protected]
Town of Friendsville                                                                    Town of Mt. Lake Park
P.O. Box 9                                                                                   P.O. Box 2182
Friendsville, Maryland 21531                                                      1007 Allegheny Drive
301-746-4669                                                                             Mt. Lake Park, Maryland 21550
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                                                                                                    301-334-9027 Fax
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Town of Grantsville                                                                      Town of Oakland
P.O. Box 296                                                                               15 South Third Street
170 Main Street                                                                           Oakland, Maryland 21550
Grantsville, Maryland 21536                                                        301-334-2691
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