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Plumbing Permits

Requirements & Exceptions
A plumbing permit is required for all plumbing work in Garrett County except the following:
  • Replacement of fixtures and appliances in the same location,
  • Repairs of leaks, and
  • Repair of stoppages; except for the replacement of drain traps.
Maryland Plumbing Code
The plumbing code in the State of Maryland is the 2012 National Standard Plumbing Code (NSPC), National Fuel Gas Code (NFGC), ANS1 Z 223.1, NFPA 54, 2012, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code (LPGC), NFPA 58, 2012.
Plumbing Permit Applications
Plumbing Permit Applications shall include the type of plumbing work to be completed, the inspections required and the master plumber's name, and license number. The current plumbing permit fee is $10 (payable to the Garrett County Commissioners). Plumbing permit applications must be signed by the responsible master plumber. A homeowner may sign their permit application but must affirm that they shall:
  1. Be responsible for the plumbing installation applied for in their own residence or accessory buildings,
  2. Be responsible for all required plumbing inspections and approvals, and
  3. Acknowledge that he/she is prohibited from hiring an unlicensed contractor or person to complete the plumbing installation being applied for with penalty of forfeit of said permit.
Upon approval of an application, the Permits & Inspection Services Office shall provide copies of the approved permit to the applicant and the approved third party inspection agency.
All plumbing installations requiring a permit shall require proper inspections to assure compliance with the provisions of the plumbing code. No plumbing installation shall be concealed unless inspected and approved by an approved third party inspection agency. All applicable fees covering the cost of inspections shall be paid directly to the third party inspection agency. Each applicant for a plumbing permit shall cause the premises covered by the application to be open for inspections to an approved third party inspection agency at all reasonable times. Inspections or re-inspections shall be made within a reasonable amount of time after proper notice of the completion of the plumbing work to be inspected for approval. A duplicate record of each written approval made by an approved third party inspection agency shall be filed with the Permits and Inspection Services Office on the plumbing permit provided to the applicant. Should the Permits and Inspection Services Office be notified by an approved third party inspection agency that any plumbing work being performed under an approved permit is not being installed in conformity with the plumbing code, the Code Official shall have the authority to stop all plumbing work and order the removal or correction of said work.
Please call 301-334-7470 for more information relative to complete plumbing permitting requirements.