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Deep Creek Watershed Sign Chapter Review

The sign regulations in the Deep Creek Watershed Zoning Ordinance were repealed and replaced with amended regulations on November 19, 2019.  The new regulations were the result of the following actions of the Sign Committe:
On September 5, 2018 two amendments were proposed by citizens to alter the sign chapter within the Deep Creek Watershed Zoning Ordinance.  After discussion, the Commission decided that the entire ordinance needed to be updated.  To that end they solicited for volunteers to form a Sign Committee.  The task of the sign committee is to advise the Planning Commission on recommended changes to the sign chapter, specifically in regard to the following topics.
  1. The Reed v. Town of Gilbert Supreme Court ruling on content-based restrictions on signage and its effect on local regulations.
  2. Temporary Signage, such as feather flags, sandwich boards, banners, etc.
  3. LED or Digital Signage
  4. Sign Height Regulations
The group is tasked to complete their work by the end of April and make a final presentation to the Planning Commission at their meeting on April 3, 2019.  All Sign Committee meeting agendas, minutes and supplemental materials can be accessed below.
November 28, 2018
December 12, 2018
January 9, 2019
January 23, 2019
February 8, 2019
February 13, 2019
February 25, 2019
February 27, 2019
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March 13, 2019
March 27, 2019