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Land Preservation Parks and Recreation Plan

In accordance with Title 5, Subtitle 9 of the Natural Resources Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland (also known as the Program Open Space Law), the 2017 Land Preservation, Parks, and Recreation Plan has been prepared to inventory and assess the County's recreational, agricultural, and natural resources and the programs and policies affecting them. Typically, this plan is updated on a five-year cycle or as directed by the responsible state agencies.
The plan seeks to identify the extent to which these programs and policies are helping to reach State and local goals for preserving and enhancing these resources. Finally, the plan recommends actions that Garrett County and the State of Maryland can take to reach these goals more quickly and more effectively. Completion of this plan not only meets the requirements of State law, thereby making the County eligible for Program Open Space funds, but also will serve as a useful planning tool for recreational, agricultural, and natural resource programs and policies.
The following links will guide you through the various chapters, maps, tables, and appendices that comprise the document.
Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan (full document)
Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan (full document)