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Garrett County Government
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Addressing & Mapping Services

The Garrett County Addressing Ordinance was adopted in 1994. Addresses will be assigned to structures only, and are generally applied for as part of the building permit process. The county uses a mile based addressing system with an address struck every 10.5 feet, even and odd numbers on opposite sides of the street. The towns and municipalities assign their own addresses and use a different system. If a building permit is applied for within town limits, the town will assign the address for that application. 
Garrett County Mapping is conducted by the county’s GIS Specialist. GIS data including but not limited to photography, topography, hydrography, planimetric features, parcels and zoning is available for a fee upon request in various formats. Note that there are kml links provided below to assist with ordering data products. Mapping is created upon request for a fee as well.  The maps below are provided as a service to the general public. 
We now have Webmaps!

Road Maps
Zoning Maps
Miscellaneous Maps
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Google Earth Download Links  
2015 Tile Grid (for 2015 contours)
Download Link
2005 Tile Grid (for planimetrics and older contours)
Download Link
2014\2011 Tile Grid (for orthophotography)
Download Link
Note: We also have this ArcGIS Online Webmap of Tile Grids so rather than downloading the Google Earth files, please try this web application instead. If you are making an order, please be sure you know which tile grid you are using and be sure to include a signed license agreement form (new customers) and order form. Use the tabs to switch from the Imagery to the Contours and Planimetrics grids. Note that we have new 2014 Imagery available for the county in SID and TIFF format and we have 2' contours created from 2015 LiDAR!
If you are interested in Tax Parcels for Garrett County, please download the MD Property View or Finder Quantum product (found on the same page). Address Points and Centerlines are now available free with a Creative Commons (CC0) License. These can be downloaded here with this zip archive (updated May 4th, 2020).
Order Form and License Agreement
Data Order Form Data License Agreement