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Agency Water Quality Monitoring Meeting

Last Updated on Feb 16, 2022 at 8:57am | Department of Planning & Land Management
State, local and federal agencies within the Deep Creek Lake (DCL) watershed convened the second DCL Collaborative Management/Restoration group meeting on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, as a follow-up to their meeting in mid-December. The focus of the group is to identify areas of concern and evaluate where monitoring and restoration efforts could better serve the needs of Lake and the watershed.
New to the January meeting were representatives from the Soil Conservation District, University of Maryland Extension Service and Maryland Forest Service who were invited to provide a broader perspective on lake issues. Other agency representatives who attended the meeting were from Maryland Department of Natural Resources Lake Management Office, Fisheries Service, Resource Assessment Service, Garrett County Department of Health and the Department of Planning, and US Geological Survey.
In addition to evaluating high priority areas for future work based on monitoring information, the group identified key lake stressors such as excess sediment, nutrients and bacteria contamination. They also discussed means to enhance communication with property owners and lake visitors by updating websites with appropriate source specific links and contact information, topical webinars, and the roll out of Extension Service Waterwise Program.
The next meeting of the DCL Collaborative Management/Restoration group is tentatively scheduled for late February. The group will focus on further evaluating major lake stressors, their impacts and critical areas for potential coordinated monitoring and restoration efforts.