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Deep Creek Lake Water Levels for the Winter 2021/2022

Last Updated on Nov 17, 2021 at 2:23pm | Department of Planning & Land Management
Brookfield Hydroelectric facility has agreed to lower the Deep Creek Lake water levels near the lower end of the “Rule Band” for several month during this winter. The lower rule band lake level for December and January is set at 2,455 feet.
The lower lake levels during the winter months will have the following benefits:
  • allow Garrett County Department of Public Works – Public Utilities Division to install pipes for the McHenry to Thayerville water connection project,
  • provide opportunities for lake property owners to conduct maintenance on shoreline stabilization projects.
Deep Creek Lake Rule Band for monthly water levels
Information on the Deep Creek Lake water level “Rule Band” can be found at the following Department of the Environment website:
and on the Department of Natural Resources website: