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Webmaps Updated

Last Updated on Oct 4, 2016 at 9:56am | Department of Planning & Land Management
Yesterday evening we launched a new version of the Garrett County Webmaps ( This was an effort led by the IT department to make the webmaps more responsive and user friendly. The tools that used to be in a stacked panel on the right hand side of the map are now in a toolbar that runs across the very top of the page and the menu is wrapped up into a menu icon on the left side of that toolbar. We feel that the tools themselves are now easier to find and more intuitive to use. The tools listed on the toolbar expand with a click and then retract with a second click. The core functionality of the maps is still the same. The navigation feature is now the "share" tool because it is most useful for sharing a link with others via e-mail. It can also still be used to move from map to map without losing your place.