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Zoning Administration

Where are zoning permits required?
Garrett County has zoning only in the Deep Creek Watershed and the towns of Friendsville, Oakland, Accident, Mountain Lake Park, Grantsville, and Loch Lynn Heights.  The rest of the county does not have zoning regulations. 
How is a zoning permit obtained?
The staff of the Department of Planning & Land Management administers the Zoning Ordinances of the towns and the Deep Creek Watershed.  The staff works with the towns and provides final review and approval of all required zoning permits. Please click on the links in the sidebar to the left for more information about zoning in a specific town.
When is a zoning permit required?
Erecting most structures such as new builidngs and additions requires a zoning permit and a building permit. Some structures such as fences, signs, and small sheds that may not require a building permit still often require zoning approval. Zoning permits are also required when changing the use of land or buildings in a zoned area.

What are some of the purposes of zoning?
  • Encouraging orderly development and the most appropriate use of lands;
  • Conserving the value of land and buildings;
  • Promoting the conservation of natural resources;
  • Preventing environmental pollution;
  • Lessening congestion on roads;
  • Facilitating the adequate provision of transportation, parking, water, sewerage, parks and other public facilities.