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2020 Bid/RFP Awards

Bid/RFP Number

Description Awarded To Award Date

Contract Amount

20-0109 Purchase and Installation of Carpet Sucess Floor Covering, LLC 2/18/2020 $37,916.30 
20-0402 Garrett County Animal Shelter Roof Project Thomas & Thomas Construction 5/4/2020
with Moisture Barrier
20-0409 Keysers Ridge Water Storage Tank Carl Belt, Inc. 7/6/2020  $824,162.50
20-0521HM Hot Mix Asphalt Belt Paving 7/6/2020 Click Here
20-0521HM Hot Mix Asphalt Keystone Lime Company 7/6/2020 Click Here
20-0521HM Hot Mix Asphalt IA Construction Corp. 7/6/2020 Click Here
20-0521D Deep Creek Lake Shoreline Erosion Reduction Project Downstream Strategies, LLC 7/6/2020 $148,032.00
20-0521A Avilton Community Center Bathroom Construction Project Whitehorse Woodworks 7/6/2020 $34,800.00
20-0528CA Chain & Augers Chemung Supply Corp. 7/6/2020 Click Here
20-0625 Garrett County Health Center Exterior Lighting Retrofit Project Beitzel Corporation 8/3/2020 $39,098.20
20-0716 Emergency Operations Center Automatic Sprinkler & Fire Alarm System Pillar Innovations, LLC 8/3/2020 $90,987.00
2019-01 Garrett County Airport West Apron Construction Project Beitzel Corporation 8/3/2020 $4,352,978.65
20-0820 Emergency Operations Center Elevator Installation Eastern Elevator Service & Sales Co. 9/8/2020 $89,000.00
20-0806A Asphalt Repair Beitzel Excavating, LLC 9/8/2020
State Road: $95.00 Square Yard;
County Road: $75.00 Square Yard
20-0806W Water & Sewer Tap Service Beitzel Excavating, LLC 9/8/2020 Click Here