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2022 Bid Tabulations

Description Bid Tabulation
Emergency Operations Center Sound Dampening Analysis & Implementation Bid #22-0127 Click Here
McHenry Lions Cub Pump Track Design & Construction Click Here
Deep Creek Lake WWTP Office Building Roof & Gutter Replacement
Bid #22-0303
Click Here
Crellin Wastewater Treatment Plant Roof Replacement 
Bid #22-0303C
Click Here
Avilton Community Center Sidewalk Construction
Bid #22-0310
Click Here
Garrett County Airport AWOS Replacement Project
Bid #22-0407/Contract No. 2022-01
Click Here
McHenry Lions Club Park Pump Track Construction Bid #22-0428 Click Here
Friendsville Wastewater Treatment Plant Roof and Gutter Replacement
Bid #22-0428F
No Bids Received
Hot Mix Asphalt Bid #22-0505HM Click Here
Filters Bid #22-0505F Click Here
Prefabricated Steel Bridges Bid #22-0505S Click Here
Prefabricated Concrete Beam Bridges #22-0505C Click Here
Fuel Bid #22-0512F Click Here
Motor Oil & Grease Bid #22-0512 Click Here
Crushed Stone Aggregates Bid #22-0519CS Click Here
Culvert Pipe Bid #22-0519C Click Here
Corrugated Steel Planks for Bridge Decking #22-0609S Click Here
Wolfden Culvert Replacement Project Bid #22-0714 Click Here
Prefabricated Concrete Arch Bridge Bid #22-0721 Click Here
Glendale Road Realignment Project SHA No. GA393ZM2 FAP No. APL-1010(4)N Click Here
Aviation Gasoline & Aviation Turibine Fuel Bid #22-0818 Click Here
Garrett County Airport Pavement Crack Sealing Bid #22-0818P Click Here
Winter Abrasives and Road Salt Bid #22-0915 Click Here
Keysers Ridge Local Access Road Contact No. GA417ZM2 F.A. Project No. APL-3(799)E Click Here
Garrett County Detention Center Padded Cell Conversion Project Bid #22-1201 Click Here