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Garrett County, Maryland Seal
Garrett County Government
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Garrett County Detention Center

Detention Center Mailing Address
311 East Alder Street
Oakland, MD 21550

The Sheriff of Garrett County is responsible for protecting the citizens of Garrett County. The Detention Center was established in 1978.

The Detention Center is currently located in Oakland, Maryland and remains the only holding facility in the County. The facility can house up to 64 inmates and holds both pre-trial and sentenced inmates of all security classifications.
The Detention Center is mandated to provide for the safety of the inmates that are placed in their care by providing a humane living environment, while also providing a safe working environment for the staff. The main concern of the Detention Center is, the physical, emotional and psychological well being of inmates. Various programs are also provided to aid inmates with their reintegration into society.

Inmate Facilities

The Detention Center was originally constructed to house 22 inmates. Due to the increase in the inmate population it was expanded to house approximately 64 inmates, which includes accommodations for 8 females and 4 juveniles. Inmates can be held in our facility who are sentenced to not more than 18 months.


Information concerning incarcerated inmates at the Garrett County Detention Center is available to the public. Such information will be provided contingent upon the safety and security of the facility, inmates and staff and in accordance with applicable state laws.