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Garrett County Government
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Inmate Programs

Work Release Program
Inmates who are sentenced to the Garrett County Detention Center may participate in the Work release program upon the recommendation of the sentencing judge and upon approval of the Warden,

G.E.D. Classes
Sponsored by Garrett County Community College the classes are available to those inmates who request to participate and meet basic eligibility requirements.

Jail Substance Abuse Programs
A 13 week program designed to educate inmates who have a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse. The program is sponsored by Garrett County Addictions Services.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
This program is run by Inmates who have been approved by the Administrator. Participation in this program is voluntary.

Mental Health Counseling
Mental Health Counseling is provided by the Garrett County Health Department.

Religious Services
The Detention Center offers each inmate the opportunity to visit with a variety of religious personnel representing different denominations on a regular basis.

Inmates may purchase various items, such as; hygiene items, stationary needs and snacks at their own expense from the Jail commissary.

Indigent Services
Items are provided at no cost to those inmates who have no funds.

Medical Services
Medical services are overseen by a staff Physician to meet the medical needs of inmates in our care. Emergency services are provided by local EMS agencies and local hospital.

Inmate Work Crew
Inmates as assigned may work on a work crew, performing various duties within the County and for non-profit organizations.

Inmates participate in offering their assistance to the County Landfill and to towns requiring services.
Inmates who have earned a "Trustee" status also perform various duties within the Detention Center and Sheriff's Office. The duties performed are under the Detention Center supervision.

Library Assistance
Computer system is available for inmates to reference services and to aid the Division of Corrections and other agencies in meeting their "Access to the Courts" obligation.