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COVID-19 Resources and Information

Recycling A-Z

*********ATTENTION: Effective Tuesday, March 31, 2020, ALL Garrett County Solid Waste & Recycling Sites will be closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  
The Main Office is now OPEN normal operating hours, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

The landfill, located at 3118 Sang Run Road is now on the Summer Schedule; full-service Saturdays with the scales open 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.; Main Cell closes at 2:30 p.m.
Due to Covid-19, We are Limited to One Customer in the Office at a Time.  Please Wear a Mask Inside the Building.
                                                                    Recycling Materials

Aluminum Beverage Cans – All GC Refuse & Recycling Sites. Rinse. Crush (Optional); Local Salvage Yards:  Double M Recycling, Swanton Rd., Swanton; Ours Auto Salvage, Rt. 39, Oakland, Martin's Junkyard (Call first), Pysell Crosscut Rd., Oakland. Call landfil office for contact list. 301.387.0322
Aluminum Can Tabs – All GC Refuse & Recycling Sites; Ronald McDonald House (Morgantown, WV) 855.227.7435
Anti-freeze – Garrett Highway, Grantsville, Bumble Bee, Kings Run, 135 and Landfill (See specifications for the Used Motor Oil, Filter & Anti-Freeze program under the Programs & Misc. Information Tab).
Appliances or White Goods (i.e., Water Heater, Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher) – All GC Refuse & Recycling Sites (With the Exception of Friendsville Site) - Accepted for a $5 fee at sites. Tipping fee @ $50 per ton at GC landfill: or Retail In-Store Take-Back Program.
Appliances with Freon (i.e., Freezers, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and Dehumidifiers) – Accepted ONLY at landfill location for $10 Fee: or Retail In-Store Take-Back Program.
Automobiles (Engines & Automobile Parts): Any salvage yard (as described above In aluminum cans); or Make-A-Wish-Mid-Atlantic location (; Ronald McDonald House Charities of Morggantown 855.227.7435
Batteries – Lowe's and Best Buy accept rechargeable batteries; Automobile Part Retailers (Automobile); Advance Auto (ALL BATTERIES); Battery Warehouse (Cumberland).
Bikes, Books, & Household Misc. – Garrett County Swap Shops (All sites); Horizon Goodwill Industries (Oakland/Grantsville), Nearly New (St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, 126 E. Liberty St., Oakland, MD.) 301.334.4699; Newly remodled Christian Crossing (Take Garage/Yard Sale Stickers off of Items) 301.334.6339. Call landfill office for special instructions on additional locations for BOOK RECYCLING.
Boats - Make-A-Wish-Mid-Atlantic location. (
CD's/DVD's/Cassettes -
Cardboard – Corrugated (two pieces flat board w/ruffled layer in between) - All Sites (Shiny cardboard o.k., Staples and Tape o.k., Pizza Boxes [CLEAN- Corrugated o.k.); No yellow cardboard or shirt and shoe boxes or soda boxes.
Cell Phones – All GC Refuse & Recycling Sites (Including landfill); Cell Phones for Soldiers (pre-paid mailers at US Post Office); Dove Center (Memorial Drive, Oakland, MD).
Christmas Trees – Deliver to Landfill during the months of January and February for recycling. (DNR  Fisheries use for fish habitats.)
Clothing – Horizon Goodwill Industries (Grantsville/Oakland), Nearly New Shop or Christian Crossing-Call for new hours 301.334.6339;  Reuse as Rags.
Computers – Bumble Bee, Garrett Highway, Grantsville, Landfill and Kings Run Refuse & Recycling Sites (ONLY Flat Screen Monitors); Horizon Goodwill Industries (Grantsville/Oakland).
Copper – Local Salvage Yards
Electronics – Grantsville, Bumble Bee, Kings Run, Landfill and Garrett Highway Refuse & Recycling Sites (No TV's or CRT's)
Eyeglasses – Lions Club Receptacles or Through Members; Receptacle in Wal Mart near Eye Center.
Fluorescent Bulbs, Lamps & Non-PCB Ballast - Garrett County Landfill (Refuse & Recycling Site Only). Receptacle in Entrance of LOWES. Businesses call office for written contact list or see page on this website.
Glass Bottles & Jars – All GC Refuse & Recycling Sites (Rinse & Remove Lids), sort by color:  clear, brown, green/blue.
Hair -; Local HairSalons have forms & Mailers
Inkjet Toner Cartridges – Turn in to GC Refuse & Recycling Sites (Will be sent in to Office & Recycled Through Program) or Through Manufacturer
Junk Mail – Recycle with Office Paper at Landfill, Garrett Highway, Kings Run, Grantsville & Bumble Bee (Envelopes and Folders Acceptable; Staples and Tape Acceptable). Contact office for information on how to stop junk mail, email, catalogs, etc. 
Laser Toner Cartridges – Turn in to All GC Refuse & Recycling Sites (Will be sent in to Office & Recycled Through Program) or Through Manufacturer
Liquids – Not accepted at the GC landfill or Refuse & Recycling Sites, with the acception of Used Motor Oil, Filters & Used Antifreeze. (See specifications for the Used Motor Oil, Filter & Anti-Freeze program under the Programs & Misc. Information Tab).
Leaves – Mellott Farm – 301.387.6815 (free-of-charge); GC Landfill for fee (Need to be taken out of Bags) NO bio-degradable bags allowed in compost pile. Tipping fee @ $50.00 per ton.  COMPOST MAY BE TAKEN FROM LANDFILL FOR FREE.  Assistance may be available - Call office prior to arrival 301.387.0322.
Magazines – Bumble Bee, Grantsville, Landfill, Kings Run and Garrett Highway Refuse & Recycling Sites (Coupons, Brochures & Shiny Paper - even GREETING CARDS). DO NOT take Magazines or Coupons from the BIN.
Mixed Metal – Local Salvage Yards or GC Refuse & Recycling Sites. Accepted at the landfill for FREE. 
Motorcycles - Make-A-Wish-Mid-Atlantic location. (
Newspaper – All GC Refuse & Recycling Sites (Do Not put Plastic Bags or Twine and String in Recycling Container).
Office Paper – Grantsville, Bumble Bee, Kings Run, Landfill and Garrett Highway Refuse & Recycling Sites. Plain or shredded. Do NOT take paper from the BiN.
Oil – Grantsville, Bumble Bee, 135, Kings Run, Landfill and Garrett Highway Refuse & Recycling Sites. 
(See specifications for the Used Motor Oil, Filter & Anti-Freeze program under the Programs & Misc. Information Tab).
Oil Filters - Should be drained and dry. Bumble Bee, Grantsville, Kings Run, Landfill, 135, and Garrett Highway Refuse and Recycling Site.
Packaging (Wrappers) - (i.e., Caprisun™, Mars™ candy wrappers, Kashi™ cereal boxes...just to name a few)
Paint - Can be disposed in OPEN TOP disposal containers at GC Refuse & Recycling Sites including landfill IF solidified or empty (Pop lid and dry out; mix paint with sawdust, clay kitty litter or product such as "Waste Paint Hardener" found at Oakland Lowe's @ $1.98 per bag [price and location due to change] will harden a gallon of latex paint 2/3 full).  DO NOT PUT IN COMPACTORS AT THE GC REFUSE & RECYCLING SITES.
Paperback Books - Pull off the covers and recycle shiny or glossy covers with magazines. Paperback books recycled with newspapers.
Plastic #1 – Grantsville, Bumble Bee, Kings Run, Landfill and Garrett Highway Refuse & Recycling Sites. Bottles w/Necks (Rinse) & Remove Lids. Crush Optional. No food containers (i.e., blueberry, strawberry or tomato).
Plastic #2 – Grantsville, Bumble Bee, Kings Run, Landfill and Garrett Highway Refuse & Recycling Sites. Bottles w/Necks (Rinse) & Remove Lids. Crush Optional. NO tubs, bowls, plates nor silverware.
#2 Plastic Grocery Bags (+ More) – Receptacle in Lobby of Wal Mart, Lowes and Browning's Shop n' Save Grocery Store, Oakland, MD. (Call the Office to ask about +More)
Prescription Pill Bottles - Empty - Remove Labels & Discard. (Rinse) - All GC Refuse & Recycling Sites including the landfill.
Prescription Pills  Drug Drop Box: McHenry State Police Barracks (24/7); Garrett County Sheriff's Office (24//7); Oakland City Hall (M-F 8:30 - 4:30 p.m.); Check for details. Take Away Environmental Return System. Postage Paid Mailing Envelopes and instructions to dispose of over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs (no controlled drugs) are available at CVS and Walgreens in Oakland, MD for a small fee. Government Take-Back Program in April each year. Check for local listing. Fall Take-Back Program usually scheduled in September.  (NOTICE:  To discard in trash - NEVER down the Drain- mix medications - NOT NARCOTICS - with coffee grounds and place with regular household trash.)
Propane Tanks (Grills) - Home & Garden Department of Wal-Mart; All-Gas, Inc., Mtn. Lake Park Propane Retailer
Propane Tanks (Over 100 lbs.) – All Gas, Inc., Mt. Lake Park, MD
Recreational Vehicles - Local Salvage Yards; Make-A-Wish-Mid-Atlantic location. (
Telephone Books – Remove Covers and Recycle w/Magazines; Recycle Remaining Book in Newspaper Container.
Tires –  Accepted at Landfill for Fee, Local Tire Retailer and Perry's Solid Waste & Disposal for a fee. Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) Scrap Tire Program provides grant funding when available for Citizen Scrap Tire Drop-Off Events (Free-of-Charge). In 2015 and 2016, MDE supplied funds for Agricultural Scrap Tire Drop-Off Recycling Events.  Farmers were invited by the Farm Bureau to participate.
**Usable items may be taken to the Garrett County Swap Shops located at each Refuse & Recycling Site including the Landfill.  See the Site Attendant or Weigh Master for Swap Shop Locations.
                         Updated 10/1/19. Check back with site for additions/revisions often.