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Recycling Facts For Kids & Adults

Aluminum Cans – 1 Can Saves Enough Energy To Run a TV For 3 Hours. (Source: EPA)

Compost – About 34% Of Our Municipal Waste Stream Could Be Composted (EPA)

Curbside Recycling – Approximately 9,000 Curbside Recycling Programs Exist Across The U.S. (EPA)

Food Waste – 33,000 Americans Throw Out About 33 Million Tons Of Food Every Year. (EPA)

Glass Bottles – 1 Glass Bottle Can Power A Computer For 30 Minutes (Source: GPI)

Mixed Paper – Recycling 1 Ton Of Mixed Paper Can Save The Energy Equal To 185 Gallons of Gasoline (EPA).

Phone Books – Recycling Just 500 Phone Books Could Save 7,000 Gallons Of Water (Source: AF & PA)

Plastic Bags, Sacks & Wraps – 89 Billion Plastic Bags, Sacks & Wraps Are Used Each Year In The U.S. (Source: ACC)

Plastic Bottles – 6 = The Number Of Hours You Could Light A 60-Watt Bulb By Recycling Only 1 Plastic Bottle (Source: Earth

Shingles – 200 Feet Of A 2-Lane Highway Can Be Paved By The Recycled Shingles From An Average Sized Home (Source: Owens Corning)

Steel – When A Ton Of Steel Is Recycled, 1,400 Pounds Of Coal Is Conserved (Source: Steel Recycling Institute)