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What & Where to Recycle in Garrett County

Soda & Beer Cans. Empty & rinse. Crush (Optional). NO Food, Tin, Aerosol, Paint, nor other hazardous material cans. All Locations; Local Scrap Yards. Call for Contact List. All Locations.

Washers, dryers, stoves, hot water tanks, dishwashers, et al. NO appliances containing Freon will be accepted at the sites. All locations except Friendsville. Additional fees apply. Retailer Take-Back Program. Appliances, Bulk Items & White Goods.

APPLIANCES WITH FREON Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers. DO NOT damage refrigerator tubing. DO NOT release Freon into the air. Landfill Only. Additional fees apply. Retail Take-Back Programs. Landfill Rates.
Envelopes, copy/fax paper; colored, computer, legal, & carbonless paper; file cards, adding machine tape, manila folders, staples, tape, mail. NO Carbon paper, spiral notebook (wire), paper bags, hand towels, or food wrappers.  Landfill, Bumble Bee, Grantsville Kings Run and Garrett Highway.
Brush & branches. Do not mix with household waste. Landfill only. Additional fees apply. Landfill Rates.
Corrugated cardboard (i.e., two pieces flat board w/ruffled layer in between.) Remove any packaging & flatten boxes. Shiny Cardboard, Tape & Staples Okay.  NO waxed cardboard, cereal boxes, shoe, shirt or soda boxes, or Asian cardboard.  All Locations.
Accepted at landfill location only. Please remove all tinsel, lights, garland and ornaments before recycling tree. (NOTE: The trees are recycled with DNR Fisheries and used as habitats.)

All Electronics, televisions up to 19" diagonal Screens (No CRT's), Computer Devices and Microwaves, No Appliances (especially ones that have/had Freon). Grantsville, Bumble Bee, Kings Run and Garrett Highway; Goodwill accepts Computers in Gville./Oakland;  Local schools & churches may have recycling programs.

FLUORESENT BULBS, LAMPS, & NON-PCB BALLASTS Compact Bulbs (CFL's); U-Tubes, 4' Lamps, 8' Lamps, Non-PCB Ballasts (Will contain a “No PCB’s” label) NO Broken Bulbs or Lamps.
No Commercial Businesses. Landfill Only. DO NOT LEAVE BULBS OR LAMPS LAYING ON GROUND NEAR THE COLLECTION BUILDING.  Businesses:  Call Office for contact list of processors for Fluorescent Bulb Recycling.
Bottles & Jars ONLY (w/neck). Empty & rinse. If possible remove lids and rings. Separate by color (clear, brown and green). Labels Okay.  NO Ceramics, mirrors, crystal, window pane, light bulbs, dishes, milk, or auto glass.  All Locations.
Keep Clean & Dry. Shiny & slick papers, brochures, catalogs, phone book cover, coupons, etc. NO Office Paper, carbon paper, paper bags, plastic bags or cardboard. Bumble Bee, Grantsville, Landfill, Kings Run and Garrett Highway.

OIL(including): Engine Oil, Power Steering Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Diesel Fuel, Gear Oil, Turbine Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Fuel Oil (#2, #4, #6) & Kerosene. Do not mix together prior to delivery to site for recycling. Do not mix oil or antifreeze with any other fluids. Do not pour down drain or onto the ground. Dispose of containers housing oils & antifreeze in trash. All locations except Friendsville. Barrels or Large Amounts accepted at Hutton Auto, Oakland. Large Amounts/Barrels can also be delivered to refuse & recycling sites with prior approval from Recycling Coordinator & an Appointment.
Filters - Drain.  Recycle at Bumble Bee, Kings Run, Landfill, 135, Grantsville and Garrett Highway refuse and recycling sites.

Clean & dry. Leave loose. Remove covers on books; paperback books, OK. NO Bulk mail, plastic or paper bags, magazines, glossy inserts, or twine. All Locations.

Plastic bottles w/neck (i.e., Water, Soda, Ketchup, etc.) Remove lids. Crush (Optional). Labels O.K.  NO food containers (i.e., fruit containers) NO #2 – 7 Plastic. No lids or rings. Materials accepted at Grantsville, Kings Run, Bumble Bee, Landfill and Garrett Highway
Plastic bottles w/neck (i.e., Milk, bleach, detergent, water, shampoo). Rinse. Remove lids and throw away. Crush (Optional).  Labels O.K. NO Buckets, tubs, bowls, silverware, bags, egg carton, plates & food containers (i.e., margarine.)  NO #1, #3 - #7 Plastic. NO Lids. Materials accepted at Grantsville, Kings Run, Bumble Bee, Landfill and Garrett Highway.
Car, truck, equipment tires with or without wheels.  NO AXLES. Landfill only. Additional fees apply. Local Retailer - Fee Applies. Perry's Solid Waste & Disposal, Oakland - Fee applies. Landfill Rates. Alternatives for Scrap tires.

Grass clippings & leaves for compost pile only. Must be loose. Do not mix with household waste. No Bio-Degradable Bags allowed in compost pile.  Landfill only. Additional fees apply.